Thursday, August 12, 2010

McCormick Intl Tractor History

The McCormick name in farm machinery dates back to Cyrus McCormick, who produced the first successful reaper in 1831. McCormick's company was one of the pieces that eventually became International Harvester. McCormick Tractors International produces tractors at the former IH factory in Doncaster, England. The Doncaster factory had been purchased by International Harvester in 1939, and began producing tractors in 1949. The factory continuted to produce tractors for Case-International after IH was acquired in 1985. When Case and New Holland merged 1999, regulators required that the new Case-New Holland corporation sell the Doncaster plant. The ARGO group purchased the factory, and formed McCormick Tractors International to operate it, bringing the McCormick name back to tractors.

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