Thursday, August 12, 2010

Branson Tractor History

branson-4220-1.gifBranson is a trade name for compact tractors built by the Kukje Machinery Company of South Korea. Kukje has been building agricultural machinery since 1968, and has supplied components for Yanmar, John Deere and engines for Cummins.

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  1. Really disappointed with my Branson 2011 3120R Model, due to the lack of 'parts' support from the factory/manufacturer. Been down almost 3 weeks now due to a faulty injector pump, and last I heard from my dealer was that Branson would only say the part is 'on backorder'.) Ain't the first time I've felt 'the big delay' while needing a part from them. either. Thank God I'm not a farmer and dependent on a tractor for my livelihood. Word to the wise: maybe the "big names' are worth the extra bucks if they have a customer-friendly approach to parts support (i.e. they don't forget the buyer after the sale.) DWPauly 11-11-2013