Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hurlimann Tractor Pictures

Hurlimann tractors, pics.

Old Hurlimann tractors
[Resim: image.aspx?n=9549b618-92c8-4aec-bf7c-e48...s=original]
[Resim: image.aspx?n=8cf5c804-d4ba-4aec-90d0-8c9...s=original]
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Hurliman XE 55
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[Resim: image.aspx?n=bad34bbf-5216-4518-9ade-d14...s=original]

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John Deere Mini Tractors

Lawn Mowers machines
John Deere 1420
[Resim: 1420_fm_105480_large.jpg]

John Deere 1435
[Resim: 1435_fm_105490_large.jpg]

John Deere 1445
[Resim: 1445_fm_105492_large.jpg]

John Deere 1545
[Resim: 1545_fm_105505_large.jpg]

John Deere 1565
[Resim: 1565_fm_113880_large.jpg]

John Deere 997
[Resim: 997_407652_large.jpg]

John deere 6800

John Deere 6420

John Deere 6420 TRACTORS Pictures
[Resim: john_deere_6420.jpg]
[Resim: john_deere_6420_2.jpg]

Friday, September 24, 2010

Pictures of Renault tractor

Renault tractors pics.
Renault traktör

Renault traktör resimleri

Renault traktör fotoğrafları

Renault tractor pic

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fendt 209 S Tractor

Fendt 209 super picture

Fendt 712 Vario tractor

Fendt 712 vario pictures

Fendt 936 Tractors Black Beauty Edition

Fendt tractor 900 vario series Black beuity edition,


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hattat / VALTRA | A75 / A85 / A95 Series Tractors

Hattat / VALTRA
A75 / A85 / A95 Series Tractors

Three-and four-cylinder turbocharged power of the Sisu Diesel engine, high maneuverability kabilyeti A75, A85, A95 models mevcuttur.Çift wheel, max. 2.5 tons capacity front lift and front PTO option, cabinet models, user HiShift controlled clutch with the comfort offered, the main 12 + 12 (option) / 16 + 8 types of transmission, 2.8 tons - 3.3ton lifting capacity of mechanical or electronic "Autocontrol" control hydraulic lift, which offer ease of maintenance are opened by lifting the one-piece hood, the car models are equipped as standard with air conditioning and radio.

[Resim: zl2.jpg]

[Resim: 20080331225054.jpg]
[Resim: 20080331225109.jpg]
[Resim: 20080331225208.jpg]
[Resim: 20080331225320.jpg]
[Resim: 20080331225337.jpg]
[Resim: 20080331225451.jpg]
[Resim: 20080331225021.jpg]
[Resim: 20080331224906.jpg]

McCORMİCK | XTX Series tractors | 165 - 185 - 200 - 215

MC CORMICK TRACTORS XTX 165 - 185 - 200 - 215
[Resim: mc2l.jpg]

technical specifications

[Resim: mc1c.jpg]

McCORMİCK | CX Series tractors | 105

 McCormick tractors cx 105
[Resim: cx2.jpg]

technical specifications
[Resim: cx1w.jpg]

McCORMİCK - F Series Tractors | F 60 - F 70 - F 95 XL

[Resim: 29271858.jpg]


[Resim: 59329836.jpg]

Pictures of f 80

[Resim: 62883991.jpg]

McCORMİCK - C-Max Series Tractors | C75 Max - C95 Max

McCormick c max serie tractor pictures
[Resim: 65961932.jpg]

[Resim: 49381104.jpg]